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Hair Transplant- Dr Valvis Padelis

Hair Transplant- Dr Valvis Padelis

Dr Padelis Valvis answers all your questions regarding the Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is for everyone? Is it suitable for both men and women? In which case is contraindicated? What are the success rate and which method ensures the highest rate? What is the method you need certainly to avoid because it is fraud? Is the result permanent? These and many more are elaborating in the video…!

Photos of Hair Transplant before-after


24 Year of Experience & Expertise

With more than 20.000 successful Hair Transplant in Greece, Italy, England & Malta.

The operation is performed by Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Padelis Valvis is the one who put even the very last hair follicle for the best possible effect.

Outstanding Success

Absolutely natural result, of high quality and aesthetic. Dense hair growth with regeneration rate and normal growth direction.

Medical Team with High Scientific Expertise

It consists of Hair Transplant Specialists in Plastic Surgery specialty, Anesthesiologists & specially trained Nursing staff.


How much does the Hair Transplant cost and what does it depend on?

The cost is determined by the Hair Transplant method as well as the level of alopecia ranging from 1.000€ to 4.000€ and can be accurately determined after your appointment with Dr. Padelis Valvis.

How many hairs may be transplanted in a session?

The result of the Hair Transplant is evaluated on hair follicles and nor on hairs as the hair follicles might be single-hair, double-hairs, three-strand or four-strand. The final number of hair follicles to be transplanted, is determined by the quality of the “donor” area (density of hair follicles) and the chosen Hair Transplant method. Up to 3.000 hair follicles might be transferred per session, which translates into 9.000 hairs approximately.

How many applications are required & which factors they depend on?

The applications required are 1 or 2. The repetition of the procedure depends on the level of alopecia and therefore the size of the recipient area and the Transplant method to be applied. If the method chosen is FUE, the procedure may be repeated the next day, while if the chosen method is STRIP, the procedure is repeated in 1 year.

Who perform the Hair Transplant?

The Hair Transplant is necessary to be performed by Plastic Surgeon as he is the person who is exclusively trained for such an operation.

In Laser Touch, the Hair Transplant is performed by the expert Plastic Surgeon Valvis Padelis and his medical team which consists exclusively of Hair Transplant Specialists in Plastic Surgery specialty, Anesthesiologists & specially trained Nursing staff. Dr Padelis Valvis is the one who put even the very last hair follicle for the best natural effect.

What Hair Transplant methods are there and what are the benefits?

There are three Methods of Hair Transplant: Strip also known as FUT, Micro-Mini Strip & FUE. In many cases, FUT might be applied additionally to Micro-strip while the differences between the methods lies in the different way of obtaining hair follicles.


Micro-Mini Strip | Due to the lack of elasticity of the donor area or in case of very small donor area, the Micro-Mini Strip method is applied. The size of particles obtained via this method does not exceed 2,5 to 3 cm. The way to get the hair follicles as well as the growth of new hair is the same as Strip method.


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) | In this method each hair follicle is received individually and dispersed from different areas of the scalp.


Strip (Follicular Unit Transplant) | The hair follicles are retracted from the back and side of head by dividing the full web of continuous hair follicles. During the procedure, the hair follicles are massively extracted from the fixed hair follicle and transplanted into the recipient dilution area. The Strip method mimics the natural way the hair grows as the hair grow in sets of 1-4 hairs.

What is important to know about surgery of Hair Transplant?
  • During the procedure local anesthesia or combination with intoxication is applied if the person wishes it.
  • The operation lasts 1,5 to 8 hours in advanced stages and depending the technique.
  • Having ensured that the procedure of Hair Transplant is done correctly, the pain level is the minimum possible.
  • The operation has no recuperation time, the person may -under certain conditions- such as not doing heavy physical activity or work, to return even the next day at his activities.
  • There aren’t special contraindications to proceed with Hair Transplant. In certain cases, autoimmune diseases and depending on their severity and after consultation with the physician, might be a deterrent. In case of diabetes, there is no limitation as long it is regulated.
  • There is no age restriction.
  • No treatment is recommended before or after the surgery, except the dosage of antibiotics under the protocol.
  • Hair follicles cannot be implanted by another person.
  • The person is fully functional after the surgery so he can leave by alone.
Hair Transplant for Women with permanent results

A medical solution for the 30-40% of women.

Although it is the most popular operation for men, Hair Transplant, consists a unique medical solution for the female alopecia. Nowadays, about 30-40% of the female population face the problem of hair loss with multiple causes, including hormonal and eating disorders.

Benefits of Hair Transplant
  • The result, as in men, is permanent.
  • The operation doesn’t prerequisite haircut in the area, so the return to daily activities is immediate.
  • The rehabilitation is immediate, and the post-surgical scar is almost “invisible” with naked eye.
  • The Hair Transplant result is entirely natural, of high quality and aesthetic. Dense hair growth with regeneration rate and normal growth direction.
  • The new hair is natural, so the person can treat her “new” hair as she used to, without excluding the hairdressing services such as dying her hair.


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