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Καθημερινά: 9:00 – 22:00, Σάββατο 9:00 – 16:00

The Numeracy of Aesthetics

The Numeracy of Aesthetics
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Lasers and energy-based devices in demand

Lasers and other energy-based technologies (EBDs) play a major role in a wide range of medical treatments in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology. Combined treatments constitute the latest trend and the most powerful therapeutic alternative in the constantly evolving field of Aesthetic Medicine.

In our daily practice, we follow the motto “one plus one equals three”, since most frequently, no single technology or action can achieve the optimal results. But is there a panacea? As new modalities and approaches are introduced to the aesthetic medical world routinely, identifying the medical indications, choosing the right medical devices and recommending the leading protocols, are the keys that really make the difference.

Among the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide are laser hair removal, face and body rejuvenation, active acne and acne scars handling, along with non surgical body sculpturing or lipolysis. Other practices also rising in the aesthetic front on an ongoing basis, are laser tattoo removal, lasers for vascular and pigmented lesions, skin tightening, stretch marks improvement, as well as post-surgical and post-traumatic scars and non invasive hair restoration.

Patients recognize the effectiveness, convenience and safety of these treatments. Both lasers and energy sources have become the gold standard for medical aesthetics, with minimal downtime, and minimal to no associated pain.

The term “combination therapies” encompasses a wide range of possibilities though. Nowadays, the advanced approaches of skin resurfacing, skin remodeling or skin tightening embody injectable treatments, such as biodegradable dermal fillers, neurotoxins and autologous regenerative factors (Autologous Mesotherapy, lipofillers). Since this other variety of “treatment-tools” intensifies the actions of lasers and EBDs, but also targets different parts of the pathway mechanisms, it is self-evident  how managing our clients needs with these alternate protocols helps us maximize the overall results.

Laser Touch is a modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Dermatology clinic that provides facial and body medical services utilizing state-of-the-art medical equipment in the field of lasers and EBDs. We are dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards in reconstructive surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery, and non-surgical aesthetics, to include an optimal balance of artistry with the most sophisticated medical advances. The unique medical team consists of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and other Skin Experts, committed to the best of your skin’s interest!

Stefanos Kourantzis

Plastic Surgeon

Lasers and energy-based devices in demand - article
Lasers and energy-based devices in demand – article


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